Football Club Goa


A Skarma Project
Creative Director: Zainab Karachiwala

+ FC Goa featured in the Kyoorius Design Showcase 2015/16

Football Club Goa is an Indian Super League football franchise in Goa that began to play in October 14 during the inaugural season of the Indian Super League.

The logo depicts the face of a Gaur (Indian bison), the state animal of Goa; selected to create an immediate connection to local fans - the largest target group, and also due to its qualities of strength, attack, defense and resilience, all of which epitomize the team. A big part of this branding process was also to simplify the logo down as far as possible to make it easily replicable for fans to redraw, while still maintaining a resemblance to the traditional form of a football club crest. 

The campaign was aimed at developing an almost instant sense of belonging to the FC Goa team by incorporating the spirit of sport, passion and drive to succeed. The brand language was extended into a print and outdor campaign combined with a powerful message 'Get Your Gaur Face On', a play on 'Get Your Game Face On'.