Silence: A composition in two movements

an SVA MFAD project

'Silence' tells the story, through increasingly abstracted text, of a musician dealing with hearing loss, told from his point of view. The book, composed of white and black alternating  pages, uses its form to add to the storytelling. White pages have text printed on them, while black pages have spaces cut out of them. 

Each white page marks the triumphs and joys of the musician, while each black page covers up certain sections of the text, leaving a very different, darker message showing through. With each turn the black pages overpower and obscure more of the white pages and the text, much like the silence obscures music. In the second section, the black pages give way to white as the musician comes to accept and embrace the situation.

The book is hand-made and Japanese bound, with each page cut out individually to add to the juxtaposition of rough and neat, dark and light, sound and silence.